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Welcome to the SLEEP TOGETHER Project. Dreams allow us to understand the human psyche more than anything else. My mission is to explore the story and subconscious of different subjects, searching for darkness, ego, insecurities, and deep emotional traumas.
Not to mention any of the suffering on Earth known as illness, misery, misfortune, pain, anguish, grief, or regret.
Is all of this worth it?
Can this coexist with what we find beautiful in this world?

"Anita" is the first release of anonymous artist SLEEP TOGETHER. This EP follows Anita, a girl with a natural need for connection, to be needed, or even wanted. Rejected by her first lover, traumatic memories are being recalled, triggering disgust, hatred, and sadism towards him.
Mixing aggressive synths and industrial sounds with delicate, melodic vocals, SLEEP TOGETHER mixes different music genres like metal, pop, and dark alternative to express feelings buried deep inside.

Dream 1 - Anita
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